Message From The Elders

The Higden church of Christ is a group of dedicated friendly Christian people who want to serve God and be a blessing to the local community, our nation or anywhere in the world God might call us.  We believe that Jesus Christ has been given all authority in this Christian age.  We believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible.  That it is God’s inspired Word and that it directs us in all things pertaining to the Christian way – life – and worship and we are to follow it to the best of our ability.    The local church is completely autonomous and we are not governed by a denominational Board of Directors nor do we follow a creed book written by men.   Christ is our creed and His Word is our creed book.   We are undenominational with God as our Father and Christ as our head.  Our worship is simple – – with singing, praying, the Lord’s Supper each Lord’s Day, preaching and teaching, and an opportunity to give back of our blessings on each Lord’s Day.  A committed attempt is made to give praise, honor, and glory to our God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Come and meet with us.  You are always welcome at the Higden church of Christ.